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If I asked you to list the amount of people who make you, or have made you sad, I’d imagine that list would be endless. But, if I asked you to compile a list of those that make you insanely and innately happy, how many faces would appear in your mind’s eye and work their ways down to curl the corners of your mouth upward?

The feeling of making someone else’s day has to be the most magic feeling. I am working on an episode of my web series Misled. The next episode focuses on Mental Health in the African American Community. The subject of the episode, Stephanie, suffers from bipolar disorder and agreed to discuss her struggle and victory in fighting the disease. She was so nervous about doing the interview and even more so after friends and even her close relatives told her she would be exploited and perceived as a crazy lady for the world to see. I did all that I could to assure her that I am not in the business of exploitation and would never do that to anyone. She has kept in touch with me as she anxiously awaits the release of the episode and has shared with me the mumblings of her relatives who have called her a liar and don’t believe an interview ever even took place. In an effort to promote the show, and put her naysayers to rest, I put together an episode teaser for her to show them.

She was so excited about the preview video that she told me she cried joyful tears and felt extremely blessed by me. Me.  I don’t feel remotely entitled to all of that gratitude but I must say that it feels amazing. All I want to do is tell the stories of the underserved and silent and show the world what compassion is. Even though I haven’t gotten hired by HBO to do it yet, it feels good to be doing it, on my own.

You can check out the video right here.


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